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Education City Golf Club

The Range 

The Range is unique to Education City Golf Club, consisting of multiple hitting bays with PowerTee. We are one of only a handful of facilities in the world consisting of TrackMan technology fully integrated into the whole driving range. As you practice immediate ball data will be given directly to the TrackMan application, allowing you to efficiently work on your golf game. As well as playing some fun games with your friends such as:
BULLSEYE - A precision game, where the player with most points wins. 
HIT-IT - A power game, where the player with the longest drive wins. 
CAPTURE THE FLAG - A strategic game, where the player with most flags wins.
Whether you are a low handicap golfer or a complete beginner your experience to the Range will be like no other. Whether you want to practice or just grab a coffee you will feel at home on the Range.

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