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Kids Golf Lessons

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Children Golf Lessons

The Junior Development Program is the heart and soul of all our tuition available at the Education City Golf Club. We focus not only on golf but also the key areas of a child’s cognitive development:
  • Mobility
  • Motor Skills
  • Coordination
  • Strength
  • Speed 
  • Stamina
We prioritise education and development; promising your child will benefit from our structured Junior Programmes. We aim is to deliver a safe, fun and healthy environment but also a memorable one, as we encourage learning through a multitude of fun exercises.
After enrolling your child for Children Lessons, they will be allocated into an appropriate programme, based on age. We have carefully developed the programme’s content to best suit the needs of the age group, as we believe that certain skills should only be taught at certain points in a child’s development. 

Start your child on our Junior Golf development programme today.

Our coaches are highly skilled and trained to identify the development of the child; encouraging early progression onto our pathway of development. The kids will be continuously assessed gaining certification throughout their journey. Our goal is to guide them towards playing a competent game of golf on the 6 Hole Championship course.  
The programme will run over 8 weeks, with weekly 45-minute sessions.  There are fixed dates and times for the different age groups; more information will be provided when you make a lesson enquiry.

900 QAR for the 8 week course per child - Mid January - March