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Golf Club Repair Services

At Education City Golf Club, we offer a full service of Golf Club repairs. Whether you require a new shaft or replacement, new grips, or just needing to make a few tweaks to your clubs to improve your shot dispersion and ball flight, our club repair technicians can help you improve your game.
How often should you replace your golf grips?
Generally your clubs would require a regrip every 40 rough. Heat, dust oil and sand are constantly breaking up the fibers in the golf grip which affects the feel and playability of your golf club. Because the wear happens slowly over a period of time, most golfers do not notice the wear. Depending on your personal preference you may wish to change these more frequently as needed. We suggest you compare your golf club to a new one and see the difference. If you notice yours is more smooth and harder then you would probably need a re grip!
What is a loft & lie adjustment?
If you are buying new clubs it is preferred that you buy fitted clubs tailored to your body angles and your swing. If you are not looking for new clubs you can still get your current equipment adjusted to suit you especially if you bought them off the shelf. Bending golf club angles is among the fastest ways to improve a player's ball flight.

Changing the lie can improve accuracy and changing the club loft can make player's clubs more consistent, angle bending is a major factor in club performance. We can carry out an assessment to help make sure your clubs are right for you using the latest technology such as TrackMan and simple technology like a lie board. Many people do not realise that using clubs that have not been custom fitted, can lead to all sorts of problems in their golf swing so we suggest starting with an assessment.
Our Services include the following:

  • Regripping
  • Reshafting
  • Club MOT (full review)
  • Loft & Lie Adjustments
  • Shaft Alignment
  • Driver Shaft Fitting
  • Iron Shaft Fitting
  • Putter Shaft Fitting
  • Groove Sharpening


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