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At Education City Golf Club, our vision is to operate a golf facility that honours education, innovation, sustainability, research & development and culture, ultimately becoming the vehicle that grows the game of golf in Qatar.

We aspire to move beyond the present and direct the future of the golf industry, by challenging traditional views and striving to make the game of golf more approachable and enjoyable to the future golfer. In short, to encourage, stimulate and motivate the non-golfer to take up the game, whilst also delivering world-class playing experience for the experienced golfer.

We have some key contributors that support our sustainable practices including how the golf course was built during construction. We use a root zone design that creates a perched water table under all grassed areas, the choice of Platinum TE Paspalum as it is the most salt-tolerant turfgrass. Paspalum is withstanding the heavy traffic of golf courses and diseases as well. It also requires fewer fertilizer applications and less irrigation. In case of the Paspalum, the quality of irrigation water is less of a concern.

The drainage system which retains and recycles excess irrigation and rainwater also support the reduction in water usage on the site.

In terms of nature enhancement, the development will use predominantly native Qatari plant species whilst a series of naturalized lakes and the restoration of an old Wadi will provide resources for migratory birds to colonize in the region. Bird boxes are already installed in the almost complete areas of the development to encourage habitation.