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Centre of Excellence 

World-class practice facilities are at the heart of Education City Golf Club. The Centre of Excellence is a state of the art learning facility for golf development in Qatar.
A range of high-tech practice resources works in conjunction with our PGA professionals to deliver world-class training to advance your golf skillset. This state-of-the-art facility is education-driven, combining ultramodern technology with expert, PGA golf training. Golfers can receive golf lessons in one of our five private swing studios, or putting studio.
These 6 x 8m rooms open out towards the driving range and offer the latest in camera and ball flight technology. Their innovative design incorporates natural light from the beautiful surrounds of the golf club. The Centre of Excellence has several dedicated practice areas for all students to enjoy including a women’s only area. The women’s only putting and chipping green ensures that Education City Golf Club are supporting the development of golf in Qatar in conjunction with our vision. Our female PGA professional will also be on hand to fulfill any needs that you need with support and guidance in learning golf in Qatar.

The Centre of Excellence specializes in nine core competences from swing techniques, biomechanics, proper mindset and wellbeing. Our resources are second to none, with a Centre of Excellence boasting, all the latest state of the art equipment monitoring data on ball flight with 3D swing analysis, enhanced with the extensive practice areas both inside and outside, all collates to a great teaching environment. We learn from every pupil and take pride in recording their data from day one analyzing the progress made, measuring every step of the journey. 

We welcome you at any time to visit the Centre of Excellence and will promise to make it a memorable experience. Renowned by the industry as being the best in the world with the latest state of the art technology. Our highly skilled staff are open, caring, trusted and most of all passionate about the education and development of all golfers from complete beginners to elite players. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to deliver a wide range of programs accompanied with the best resources available in the Golf Industry. The staff are driven to deliver the highest possible service to members and visitors focusing on the mission of the Golf Club in line with the values of the Qatar Foundation. Our aim is to create a fun learning environment, open to all. We look forward to meeting you at the Centre of Excellence

The Centre of Excellence is the most innovated golf-learning hub in today's modern era of golf.