Custom Fitting

Getting fitted for a new set of clubs is like getting fit for a new suit or similarly to test driving a car before you buy. 
There are many different types of club, shaft, and grip options, not to mention lofts, lie angles, and more which can effect the direction or length you are hitting the ball. Not only can it effect the golf ball but it can also impact your golf posture having a wrong fitted club causing injury to yourself. 

In our fitting process we take the following steps in ensuring you have the right clubs for you.
  1. Static Fitting process (measuring you body length, arm length, hand size etc)
  2. TrackMan assessment - we analyse ball flight and impact data.
  3. Model Selection - We select appropriate model clubs for you and assess the impact data once again.
  4. Shaft Data assessment.  We recommend the best shaft for you based on your club head speed, kick point profiles and release patterns with your  golf swing. 
  5. The next step is to tailor the club to your swing. We will determine the right shaft length, correct lie angles and loft setup that best suits your shots patterns. 
  6. Selecting the correct grip is the final stage of the Custom Fit, but no less important than any other. We help you select the right size grip to suit your hand and the right type of grip to suit your game as this can help promote a more neutral ball flight.